Below you will find a variety of academic and creative activities that are relevant for all ages and grade levels. Although the activities are not required, we encourage students to keep their skills sharp over the summer!
English/Language ArtsMathematics
K-12: Read for pleasure throughout the summer!
Free Collection of Audio/eBooks

:Barnes and Noble Reading Journal (earn a free book)

Governor’s Reading Challenge
Kindergarten: Grade K to 1 Summer Review Packet (Pages 3-31)

Grade 1:
Grade 1 to 2 Summer Review Packet (Pages 32-56)

Grade 2-5: 
Summer Literacy Calendars of fun activities including the Scholastic Summer Read-a-Palooza Challenge (Grade 5 to 6 Students are welcome to use the Grades 2-5 materials and/or access the Swift Summer Reading Booklist)

6-8: Booklist of suggested titles are available on the Swift Homepage.

HS College Prep/Honors:
Pick a book you never read before and complete a Google Form with the title and author

HS Advanced Placement:
See directions from your AP Teacher
K-6: Fun packet encouraging students to get out in the real world to see math around everywhere.
Summer Math Passport

Math review packets:

HS Advanced Placement: See directions from your AP Teacher