A message from the Superintendent

It is a pleasure to welcome both our returning families as well as those who are new to our district to the new school year! 

In planning for the reopening of the Watertown Public Schools, our goal has been to envision the safest environment and the highest quality instruction for the school community. To achieve this end, our goal has been to develop a comprehensive plan for reopening Watertown schools that prioritizes the health and well-being of students and staff, provides solutions to the logistical challenges associated with school operations, and focuses on instructional delivery. As students return on September 8th, we are focused on maximizing safety as well as learning opportunities that prioritize our students’ social and emotional needs. 

Our plan, Reopening, Reconnecting, and Reimagining, is the culmination of countless hours of work from more than 40 members of our community. The plan provides details for how our schools will reopen, highlights the importance of reconnecting with our students, staff, and families and captures how our district is reimagining what learning looks like through the use of digital tools. I urge you to familiarize yourself with the complete plan by visiting our district website at www.watertownps.org.

As your new (interim) superintendent, I want to assure you that our dedicated staff members are doing all that we can to keep one another safe and engaged in our learning community. Also, I want to thank all of the administrators, teachers, staff, parents, students, town officials, community members and our Board of Education for all that you have done to bring us to this moment. 

We’ll get through this challenging time together intent upon making this school year a success for all involved, most especially our students! 

❖ Since schools were closed in March, districts around the country have been working diligently to balance the safety of students and staff with the need for high-quality instruction. We have had to rethink what schools look like and the ways we are able to meet the needs of students and families. In Watertown, we recognize that our re-entry will bring with it more unprecedented changes in the way we operate and our readiness is tied to a variety of elements including state and federal regulations and guidelines. Watertown Public School District has taken and will continue to take the necessary steps to ensure our ability to open successfully.